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Quiz: What is Your Creative Path?

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You receive an e-mail from a coworker asking you for help with a project. You:


You know you need to be more active in order to live a healthier lifestyle. How often do you exercise?


Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming?


You hate your current desk job. You:

Desk Job

You meet your friend for dinner at your favourite restaurant but the wait is over an hour. The hostess suggests that it might be less of a wait for you if you wait until there is a free seat at the bar. You:


Your friend asks you to go on a spur of the moment, unplanned road trip. You ask her where you guys will be going and she answers, "wherever the road takes us". What do you do?

Road Trip

Your friend asks you to go bungee jumping for her birthday. You:

Bungee Jumping

You are at a party where you don't know many people. What are you most likely to do?


Do you tend to avoid conflict when you can?


Do your friends usually come to you for advice?

Friends Advice

What would you do if you locked yourself out of your house?

Locked out

When you find that doing something on your own proves to be too difficult, you:


What is Your Creative Path?
A Writer!

A Writer

You are more likely to express your creativity through words. Try journaling, writing short stories, essays, or doing research to write a biography on someone or an article about something you are interested in. You could also try your hand at blogging, script-writing, or poetry!
An Artist!

An Artist

Creating something visually appealing is what is going to be the most fulfilling to you. Painting, drawing, graphic design, hand lettering or calligraphy, or photography will bring you the most creative joy.
A Musician!

A Musician

Music is in your blood! Sign up for music lessons for an instrument you've always wanted to try, or, if your voice is your instrument, take vocal lessons. Join a choir, write a song or song lyrics, play around with DJ'ing, or make a bunch of different playlists to explore new music. If moving your body to music is the way you feel most destined to be creative, take a dance class!
A Crafter/DIYer!


You are a resourceful person who would rather make it than buy it! Try your hand at jewellery-making, pottery, scrapbooking, DIY home decor or holiday decor, or ceramic painting. Get inspirational ideas from Pinterest or Etsy to come up with your own creations!

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