Creative Journaling for Beginners

Creative Journaling for Beginners

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Have you wanted to start creative journaling but don’t know where to start? Is a personal journal not something you feel you can keep up with? Maybe you have 10 different journals that you have started but didn’t consistently stick with because you found yourself at a loss of what to put in it. If you are struggling with where to start when it comes to creative journaling, here are some easy steps to take to help you start.

Where to Start

Depending on what type of creative you are will depend on how you record your creative thoughts and ideas.

Here are a few examples:

  • Writer: A lot of writers use a lined notebook or journal. Some also use a computer, or the Notes or Voice Memo app on their phone. Some writers may also doodle to get a creative idea across so a blank notebook may be better for them.
  • Artist: Most artists use a blank sketchbook or a virtual notebook such as a laptop, iPad or a Rocketbook.
  • Musician: Composition notebook or a blank notebook.

Basically, you can use whatever you want. The suggestions in the list above are just recommendations if you really don’t know where to start. Get a journal that speaks to you. Use one that will do everything you intended it to do. And, if you start your journal and you realize that it is missing something you need, there is no shame in getting one that is better suited for you.

Journaling also doesn’t have to be writing, drawing, or composing in a book. Some people are more crafty than that. Some people use scrapbooking as a way of journaling. Other people may use vision boards to express their creativity. These are definitely unique ways of creative journaling!

What to Put in It

ANYTHING! The beauty of creative journaling is that there are no rules! (I suppose the only rule is to consistently add to it whenever you have an idea, but even still, it’s not required for you to do it on a schedule. It’s free-form creativity!) You should put any little thought or vision. Every creative idea starts from somewhere, even the smallest idea. A sentence, a doodle, even a word may one day inspire a bigger idea.

Adding inspiration from others is also something you could add to your journal. For example, if there is a poem you get inspired by or a book you want to check out and not forget, add it in your journal!

Where to Keep It

If you choose to keep a digital journal, you may already be carrying around your phone or tablet. However, you do not have to keep your journal with you at all times. Keep it wherever it is easily accessible to you when you have an idea. And if you don’t have it with you and you do come up with an idea, just make sure to write it down somewhere and put it in your journal when you can. If you write your idea down on a scrap piece of paper, either copy what you’ve written, or paste the scrap of paper directly into your journal.

A creative journal, unlike a personal journal, is meant to document any creative idea that you have, or anything that inspires you to be creative. Keeping a creative journal can help you come up with ideas for a bigger creative project, or just help you keep all of your ideas in one place if you have too many to keep track of. If you are just starting creative journaling I hope the tips above help you get started!

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