3 Ways to Display Your Meal Plan

3 Ways to Display your Meal Plan

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We have all planned out our meals for the week. I mean, without pre-planning our meals, how would one know what to buy at the grocery store (besides those impulse buys like chocolate bars and ice cream)? It’s one thing to make a meal plan, but it’s another to have it visible. It is important for you, as the person that is actually going to cook the food, to see what is coming up, but it may also be important for the rest of your family to have an idea of what to expect as well. Lots of families have a family calendar or schedule on display so it’s easy for everyone to see. Your meal plan should be the same way. It’s just as important!

There are many different ways you can display your meal plan.

Here are 3 different ways:

1. Meal Plan Notepad

Having a pre-printed notepad where you write down the meals for the week is always handy to have. My particular favourites are:

2. Meal Plan Printable

You are in luck because I have created a Meal Plan Printable that you can download and print. Get it in your inbox by entering your email below:

This printable is great because it not only gives you space each week to record the upcoming meals, but it also has a section for your grocery list that you can separate and take with you!

You can print it out each week (or print a bunch at once) and leave it on your countertop, attach it to a corkboard, or put it on your fridge with a magnet. Put it wherever you think is the easiest place for everyone to see.

3. Meal Plan Dry-Erase Board

DIY Meal Plan Dry-Erase Board

My personal favourite is having a dry-erase board where you can write your meals for the week or month, and then wipe it off and start again. I found though that the white dry erase boards that you find are so boring. So I decided to make my own!

Here is how I did it:

Things you need:

  • A Glue stick
  • A large picture frame
  • A paper punch or large hole punch
  • 42 paint chips from a home renovation or paint store
  1. Take the paint chips and cut them into squares, circles, or whatever shape you want. Just make sure they are all the same size. Make sure to leave 7 to the side to use for your days of the week headings.
  2. Using the paper punch, punch a circle in the middle and at the top of each paint chip.
Paper Punch Example
  1. You know the fake photo that usually comes in a picture frame when you buy it? Well take that out of the frame, and turn it around so you are looking at the blank side. You can also take a piece of bristol board in whatever colour you like and cut it to fit the inside of the frame.
  2. Take your paint chips and lay them out in a grid pattern on the blank photo frame paper: 7 across, 5 down (you will have 5 weeks worth). If you want the gradient look like the one I have, make each column the same colour, starting with the darkest paint chips on the left, and using lighter ones are you lay the colours out going right. Make sure to leave enough room at the top of your frame to have the day of the week headers and to be able to write the month.
  3. Once you are happy with the way things look, glue the paint chips in place.
  4. Take the 5 remaining paint chips you set aside and cut out 7 rectangles. Write the day of the week on each one and glue them at the top of each column.
  5. When the glue is dry, put the photo frame paper back in the frame, hang it up on a wall, and you’re done!

There are SO many ways you can design this so take all the liberties you want with my design!

I would love to see what designs you come up with. Send me photos of your Meal Plan Dry-Erase board!

Whether it’s on a notepad, a printable, or your own DIY dry-erase board, your family will definitely appreciate being able to see what you have planned for them to eat for the upcoming meals!

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